That first Saturday, my parents finally allowed a new visitor, my cousin Hannah. Though she was shocked by what she saw when she arrived, Hannah walked in the room and sat down next to me as if she had done this every day. There in the room with my mom and Stephen, she seemed immediately at home, quiet, unassuming, and supportive. lasix picture He went to the MSF office in Brussels to discuss some things MSF might do to publicize the situation and the impotence of the European Community to stop the conflict. One idea was to place a huge ticker in front of European Community headquarters depicting the rising number of victims of the war similar to the ticker in New York City showing the rising U.S. national deficit. Another more radical idea was to stage a mock hostage situation at the airport to symbolize MSFs utter revulsion over the situation. Still, when Eric was asked to give a radio interview, he was briefed by MSFs communications director not to take sides and expressly forbidden to call for international military action to end the conflict. As a humanitarian, he could only describe what hed witnessed and let the listeners make their own decisions.

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Op deze pagina vindt u een overzicht van alle Renault types waarvoor Chiptuning Experience Nederland chiptuning/ vermogensoptimalisatie zal kunnen uitvoeren. Door het optimaliseren van de software zal het rijcomfort, vermogen en koppel toenemen.Doordat het rendement van de motor wordt verhoogd zal het verbruik bij de onderstaande type Renault motoren afnemen.

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